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Documentary Campus, based in Munich and Berlin, is a non-profit organisation with a long and valued track record in organising high-quality training for documentary filmmakers from around the world. With different training programmes like the Documentary Campus Masterschool, we address authors, directors and producers and convey know-how and all-important contacts for working in the international market. Documentary Campus also partners with major international festivals and industry events to host sessions, case studies or panel discussions on current trends in the industry.

We are very delighted to cooperate with the Avvantura Filmfestival Filmforumzadar and Croatia goes Cross-media to present an Industry Session on Multiplatform Storytelling.

With the Masterschool workshop taking place just prior to the festival, we will create a programme in a highly synergetic environment that will explore interesting ways of storytelling for multiplatform projects shedding a light on the necessary tools to produce them.

Join us, if you’re curious to hear about new and innovative cross-platform projects or gather first-hand information from producers and storytellers who share their insights. This day is for everyone who is interested in exploring the multiplatform universe!

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The next Call for Entries for the Masterschool 2014 will be launched in September!

The Documentary Campus Masterschool is a Europe-wide training programme, that offers a unique opportunity to develop ideas for international audiences with input from the worlds top producers and buyers. Over the course of 10 months, 15 European producer/director teams develop their projects in 4 workshops under the guidance of a mentor. They explore innovative ways of storytelling, cover production issues, hear about new forms of distribution and exploitation and new ways of broadcasting. Through our industry events, following or preceding each Masterschool workshop, participants will gain additional knowledge on current trends of the documentary industry and various networking opportunities help them to build up long lasting relationships with the industry. Participants pitch their fully-developed projects at the Leipzig Networking Days with over 40 international renowned buyers attending. At the end of the Documentary Campus Masterschool they will have acquired the essential know-how and the necessary contacts to produce their projects with international production companies, distributors and broadcasters.

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