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In summer 2007 the Croatian Parliament passed a new Film Act, underlining its commitment to boosting the countrys creative industries. The newly founded governing film body, The Croatian Audiovisual Centre, opened its doors in January 2008. Right from the start, one of the key strategic goals of the newly founded governing film body was to set up a viable legislative frame facilitating inward investment and putting Croatia back on the European and world map of production hubs, as outlined in the four-year strategic document The National Strategic Programme for the Audiovisual Industry 2010-2014. This strategic document which was devised by the team at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, was adopted by the Croatian Audiovisual Council and approved by the Croatian Ministry of Culture in October 2010. The programme outlines four long-term strategic goals: maintaining and developing production, distribution, exhibition and promotion of culturally relevant audiovisual works; disseminating film and audiovisual culture in general and specific skills related to audiovisual creativity; preserving the audiovisual heritage and providing wider public access to domestic and world heritage; as well as facilitating inward investment. Continue reading here

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