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Avvantura Festival Filmforumzadar ìs aim is to promote european film and filmmakers, International Co-operation, European Co-productions and the understanding between cultures. In the 2013 Edition of “Avvantura Festival Filmforumzadar” will continue to develop the access to markets for European professionals, raise the number of screenings in the Official “European Coproduction” Section, “1st and 2nd Film Section”, “Short- and Studentfilm” Section, organize a higher number of workshops, roundtables and professional gatherings.


Avvantura Festival Filmforumzadar” was founded in 2010 with the long term objective to create a platform for European Co-Productions and professional
filmmakers, to develop the Zadar region as a filmdestination and create a wider platform as a hub for the audiovisual creative industry in the Dalmatian region.


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