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Filmforumzadar was founded by Sergej Stanojkovski and is produced by Avvantura d.o.o. The Festivals principal subsidies are provided by Avvantura, the City and mayor of Zadar, the County of Zadar, the Tourist Board of Zadar city and Tourist Board of Zadar county, HAVC the Croatian audiovisual Center and HT-Hrvatski Telekom. The festival has additional cooperation with other associations, organizations, institutions and private persons. The permanent team of Filmforumzadar is seen here and gradually grows throughout the year and during the festival.

Avvantura d.o.o. (OIB 08467828817)
c/o Filmforumzadar
Ugljan b.b.
23275 Ugljan

Tel: +385-91-2607468 / +385-98-1635 673 / +385-91-2607466 (PR)
Fax: +385-23-250-771
[email protected]

Sergej Stanojkovski (Member of EFA
[email protected]

Production Manager & Film Department Manager
Lucija Dovranic
[email protected]

Communication & Public Relations
[email protected]

Art Director, Photographer and Event Coordination                                                                                                                Mare Milin

Office and Host Manager
Ivana Dragaš
[email protected]

Visuals Artist
Mladen Kosta (Pixel)
[email protected]

Advisory Board and Members of Avvantura Club

Honorary Senior Advisor : Dr. Branko Lustig (LA, two time Academy Award winner)
Jim Stark (Author, Filmmaker and Producer – USA)
Karl Baumgartner (Producer, Distributor, Sales Agent, Tomislav Pinter Award, Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres – GER)
Henry Behar (Author and Filmcritic – FRA)
Daniel Rafaelic (Author and Filmhistorian – CRO)
Jerome Paillard (Executive Director Marche du Film Festival de Cannes, Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres – FRA)
Tomi Salkovski (DOP, Producer – MK)
Angela Bosch Rius (Promoter and Sales – SPA)
Veljko Bulajic (Filmdirector, Vladimir Nazor Life achievement Award – CRO)
Prof. Werner Nekes (Author and Collector – GER)
Vlado Zrnic (Author – CRO)
Stefan Kitanov (Director Sofia FF – BUL)
Karel Och (Director Karlovy Vary FF – CZ)
Marija Milin (Photographer – CRO)

Maja Peterlić (Filmcritic CRO)

Danijela Dellavia
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[email protected]

Created by Avvantura

Avvantura d.o.o.
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