Workshops and seminars

01. Project in Development ENLEUNI (Transnational Web-TV Channel dedicated to European University students) in Cooperation with University of Zadar, Studentenwerk Köln Studentenwerk Münster University of Belgrade University of Nigde ESU Padova

02. EAVE SEMINAR with Krisina Trapp 2010 (at Glassmuseum of Zadar) (Chief Executive of EAVE) for professionals and students

03. EURIMAGES Financial and legal perspectives of Co-Productions 2012 (at Arsenal Zadar) with Eurimages representative Francine Raveney for
professionals and students

04. JIM STARK WORKSHOP on Low Budget Filmmaking 2011 (at Bastion Hotel Zadar) Producer of films like Coffee and Cigaretts,Down by Law,
Mystery Train, Night on Earth, Factotum a.o. teaches on the production of independent and low budget coproductions.

05. EYE ON FILMS : A business model to promote debute films 2012 (at Arsenal Zadar) Michelle Pallant presents the businessmodel of EyeOnFilms and
discusses with Journalists and Filmmakers Sales opportunities for professionals, public and students

06. VOD and ONLINE CINEMA The era of new Challenges 2012 (at Arsenal Zadar) A roundtable with : Stefan Kitanov (Festivaldirector Sofia FF), Karel Och (Festivaldirector Karlovy Vary FF), Alemka Lisinski (VOD Platform T-Com), Helena Bulaja (Transmediaproducer), Danilo Šerbeđija (Director), Luis Minarro (Producer, EddieSaeta), Sergej Stanojkovski (Festivaldirector Avvantura FF), Michelle Pallant (EyeOnFilms), Francine Raveney (Eurimages) a.o. for professionals and students

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